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Products and services outlined on this site are available exclusively to wholesale investors and financial advisers, in the Australian market.

A simple and innovative approach to Managed Accounts

Our new Managed Accounts combine our global experience in risk management, with investment expertise to present advisers and their clients, access to a smarter approach to achieving their financial goals.

SmartShield Product Benefits

Low cost


Flexible and liquid


A focus on growth


Protection against market declines


Easily and efficiently implemented


Applicable to any investor or advice model


The missing piece

Combined with all the benefits of a traditional portfolio, we have applied our expertise in risk management to the new SmartShield Managed Accounts, to include a high level of insulation against market risk. Designed to give you control and the power to choose the level of protection required to suit your client’s needs, with the added flexibility to turn it on and off.

SmartShield wins award for Managed Account Innovation

We are delighted to have won the Innovation category at the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards.

SmartShield Investment Profiles

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SmartShield GSS Investment Profiles

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News, insights and resources

Press release

Milliman and Netwealth deliver a unique and affordable investment solution, for advisers and their clients

Milliman, Inc. a global consulting and actuarial firm, has formed a strategic alliance with Netwealth, Australia’s largest non-institutional platform provider, in a significant move which aims to widen the distribution and availability to Australians, of its first range of managed account portfolios with in-built protection, to dampen the effects of market volatility and potential for capital losses.


Spending patterns — providing comfort to retirees in a volatile market

The faster-than-expected drop-off in retiree spending casts doubt on some common rules of thumb and suggests that financial plans for retirees that assume a steady or increasing spending over time may be conservative relative to actual behaviour.

SmartShield is available on the following platforms

Please contact your platform BDM for more information or alternatively, you can contact Milliman below.


Demonstrating SmartShield to your clients

We have designed a complementary digital tool, to help you have better, more personalised client conversations, when discussing the suitability of SmartShield with your clients.

Simple to use, the tool is powered by Milliman’s financial modelling platform, running thousands of simulations to present you with robust scenarios, for each SmartShield Managed Account portfolio.

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