The Goals-Based Advice Platform uses Milliman’s decades of actuarial expertise modelling risks for global insurance companies and applies it to retail investors for the first time. With planning tools powered by the Milliman platform, financial advisers can quickly run in-depth custom analysis for their clients, and use that insight to build relationships and inform client conversations about risk, reward and the trade-offs that accompany each decision.

Introducing A Far More Sophisticated Analysis On A Massive Scale.

Unlike overly simple traditional modelling tools, the Goals-Based Advice Platform can account for a variety of changing goals and priorities.

Enterprise-Grade Algorithms Applied To Individual Investors.

Viewed through the filter of the Platform's intelligent modelling engine, the endless possibilities that surround financial decisions become actionable insights.

Explore Possibilities and Trade-Offs With Context And Confidence.

The platform analyses thousands of possible scenarios, allowing advisers and their clients to explore the trade-offs inherent in each decision.

Help Clients Make Sound Decisions In The Face Of Uncertainty.

The Goals-Based Advice Platforms equips advisers with the ability to understand and communicate an ever changing array of possibilities and risks.

Better visibility leads to better conversations, and ultimately, better outcomes.

The end result is a more meaningful relationship with clients, providing them a higher level of service and a more holistic view of risks and rewards.

Who could benefit from the Milliman Goals-Based Advice Platform?

The Milliman Goals-Based Advice Platform helps companies and people all over the world, including, but not limited to:

  • Financial advice groups building their own customer engagement and advice systems
  • Financial advice technology providers
  • Robo-advisers looking to develop a next wave of automated advice offerings
  • Product manufacturers; e.g. insurance companies and pension funds performing analysis to more deeply understand how their products' impact people's lives
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Use case

Self-Service Advice.

Digital guidance will play an ever increasing strategic role in connecting financial providers, with consumers.

Imagine a tool that helps consumers run through as many possible scenarios as they’d like, presenting a clear view into each potential outcome.

With the GBA Platform, it’s easy to imagine how a far more comprehensive self-service financial advice tool might work.

Read the use case

Use case

Members’ Outcome Segmentation.

Flexible and comprehensive model for any application.

The GBA Platform can digest and analyze a practically limitless set of inputs and information which can be applied in any number of ways.

Let’s look at how the GBA Platform could be applied to help pension funds track and improve member outcomes.

Read the use case
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Meet The Team

Craig McCulloch

Craig McCulloch, FIAA, FFA


Craig leads Milliman’s Advice Technology Services business in Australia. Craig has been implementing and providing advice on goals-based advice frameworks, financial planning tools and complex financial models for the last decade. He has been providing consulting and actuarial advice to the financial services industry in Australia, the UK and Europe for 20 years, specialising in the modelling and management of complex asset liability risks.

Wade Matterson

Wade Matterson, FIAA

Practice Leader

Wade is a principal and leads Milliman's Australian practice. Since joining the company in 2004, he has established a position as a global thought leader on retirement and risk management. He works with wealth managers, financial advisors and government entities to help them navigate the challenges of an aging population. With a deep understanding of technology and insights into human behavior, he has developed a number of innovative retirement planning solutions for clients around the world.

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