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Our aim is to protect the health and financial wellbeing of people everywhere, providing innovative solutions that are focused upon helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Products and services outlined on this site are available exclusively to wholesale investors and financial advisers, in the Australian market.

We believe in better outcomes for all Australians.

Whether you are a financial adviser looking at increasing client engagement through personalised experiences, or a business that is focused upon helping their customers achieve their investment goals, Milliman offers you a solution.
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Demonstrating SmartShield to your clients

We have designed a complementary digital tool, to help you have better, more personalised client conversations, when discussing the suitability of SmartShield with your clients.

Simple to use, the tool is powered by Milliman’s financial modelling platform, running thousands of simulations to present you with robust scenarios, for each SmartShield Managed Account portfolio.

SmartShield wins award for Managed Account Innovation

We are delighted to have won the Innovation category at the 2020 IMAP Managed Account Awards.

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